Work with Us

Our team is made up of people from different cities in Colombia, which is why our way of working is adapted in many cases to remote and autonomous work. Through teamwork, self-taught and collaborative we are constantly learning and growing both professionally and personally.

Remote or hybrid work

If you are outside Medellín, the work is completely remote, if you are in this city the way of working may vary depending on the type of project and the work team.

Life and Vehicle Insurance

For being part of the team, you have a discount on these corporate insurances, which financially protect your family and other people who depend on your income.

Business knowledge

Our teams learn about our clients’ business, which means we are not just a developer on a team, we are a professional who knows what the basic operation of a business looks like.


Our work system is not evaluated by meeting hours, but goals and dates that are established as a team before starting each project, that is why bonuses are given for reaching those goals before the stipulated date, also for additional support to the work team, research and execution of new tools that improve development processes in general.

Training support

We are interested in being up-to-date and in constant learning, so apart from internal training, we provide support for external training that enhances your skills and contributes to the development of the work team.

Second language support

We have allies to create personalized classes or in small groups; If you want to enter a language center, you will have partial financial aid, the advantage is that it can be adapted to your needs and work schedules.

Holidays with flexibility

As a collaborator you will be able to manage your vacation days, they can be scheduled consecutively or distributed and you do not have to complete a year to do so. Everything is defined in advance so that the work team does not become unbalanced during that time.

Special family days

We recognize that the family is the most important thing and for this reason we help to strengthen those ties. We grant days for events such as marriage, birth of a child, death of a family member or loved one, degrees, technical certifications, family academic events.

Supplementary plan

You can optionally access a health policy, with a lower value of according to your needs and those of your first family nucleus.